New Private Markets: Influencers in sustainable private markets (the ecosystem)

Who are the ‘connectors’ in sustainable private markets? Who is designing the
systems that facilitate sustainable investment activity? As part of our 50 Influencers
list we identify individuals who, through their advice, connections or thoughtleadership, are shaping the space.

The Predistribution Initiative, a US-based non-profit, seeks to create a more equitable global financial industry and has been leading efforts to form the Task Force on Inequality-related Financial Disclosures (which recently merged with the the Task Force on Social-related Financial Disclosures to form the Task Force on Inequality and Social-related Financial Disclosures) alongside Rights CoLab and others. In doing so, it could shape the way investors report on some of the trickiest ‘extra-financial’ issues. Delilah Rothenberg, The Predistribution Initiative’s cofounder, is a key voice in the social impact conversation.