New Private Markets: How to do for inequality what the TCFD has done for climate

A group of organisations dedicated to improving economic inequality throughout global markets is preparing to launch a new reporting framework that will push for more expansive financial disclosures from private investors.

The framework will provide institutional asset owners, government policymakers and other stakeholders with guidelines for collecting data about how the investment structures and business practices of capital managers impact economic growth and mobility, according to Delilah Rothenberg, executive director of the Predistribution Initiative.

The US-based non-profit organisation, which seeks to create a more equitable global financial industry, is leading efforts to form the Task Force on Inequalityrelated Financial Disclosures alongside Rights CoLab, a civic engagement group focused on human rights and sustainability. TIFD is also receiving support from the Argentine Network for International Cooperation and the Southern Centre for Inequality Studies at the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa.