Rights CoLab’s Webinar, “Engaging SASB: Civil Society Call to Action”

On April 2, 2020, Rights CoLab held a webinar to introduce the SASB standard, explain why it is growing in importance as a tool for corporate responsibility, and the advocacy opportunities it presents for corporate accountability and labor rights advocates. We also introduced our new project to support SASB’s Human Capital Management Project, and provided information about how to get involved. The webinar was moderated by Rights CoLab Co-Founder, Joanne Bauer, and featured: Paul Rissman, Co-Founder, Rights CoLab; Delilah Rothenberg, Executive Director, Pre-Distribution Initiative; Hugues LeTourneau, Manager, Global Unions Committee on Workers’ Capital; David Parham, Director of Research, SASB; and Kelli Okuji-Wilson, Project Lead, Human Capital Management Project, SASB