The PRI Podcast: Private Equity: A Force For Good?

The PRI Podcast

In this episode of the PRI podcast, the PRI’s Head of Private Equity, Peter Dunbar, speaks with Delilah Rothenburg, Executive Director & Co-Founding Partner of The Predistibution Initiative and Tensie Whelan, Director, Center for Sustainable Business, NYU Stern.

Private equity can be a divisive topic. On the one hand, it provides strong financial returns to pension funds and other institutional investors. But, on the other hand, it has a reputation for not always acting responsibly. Delilah and Tensie highlight some of the positive and negative impacts the asset class can have on a range of stakeholders. They also introduce the work they are doing on this topic to better measure those impacts and create improved investment practices that could help create value for all.

Find the podcast transcript here.