July 17: Responding to the U.S. Department of Labor Comment Period on ESG

Thinking about responding to the DOL comment period on its latest proposal challenging ESG integration? Wondering whether your response will make a difference? Debating what arguments may be most effective? The Predistribution Initiative and The Shareholder Commons hosted an interactive and informal discussion featuring an example letter drafted by Jon Lukomnik with input from Keith Johnson. The discussion included opening remarks by Bhakti Mirchandani and Bob Eccles explaining the proposal and why it is important to respond. The proposal has a 30 day comment period in which proponents of ESG have put forth a significant number of arguments focused on alpha generation. This webinar also sought to elevate the concepts of systemic risk and return into the discussion and awareness of key actors. Additional goals include supporting participants in drafting their own letters and educating participants on the concepts of systemic risk and return.