Center for Popular Democracy Transformation 2020 Virtual Convention

American democracy is at a crossroads and the stakes could not be higher. The last four years have served to accelerate the deep inequities, injustices and racism inherent in the systems that have shaped our nation and that impact our everyday lives. From the over 40 million people who are unemployed and attempts to dismantle our voting rights and protections, to brazen attacks on Black and Brown communities, we know we must build the power necessary to transform our democracy this November and beyond.

That is why the Center for Popular Democracy is hosting a three-day virtual event Transformation 2020: Popular Democracy Defined on September 24-26. We’ll be bringing together some of the most powerful agents of change across this nation—people like you—to dream, learn, connect and ready ourselves for sustained participation in the important work of transforming our economy, our government, and our communities.